petainerKeg™ one-way kegs now available in South Africa!


petainerKeg™ one-way kegs offer significant cost and environmental benefits to customers and end users.

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Kegs4Africa (Pty) Ltd - Welcome

Kegs 4 Africa was established to meet the growing demand for draft beer kegs in South Africa by partnering with petainer, the largest supplier of one-way kegs in the world.

The South African beer market has changed substantially over the last couple of years with the establishment of around 140 craft breweries all over the country, following the global demand for non-commercial beer.

petainerKeg™ offers a significant breakthrough in the sales and marketing of volume beer, wine and other beverages. It opens up new channels and markets and provides a step change in environmental performance - as well as reducing costs and improving cash flow.

Although it is highly engineered, the concept of the petainerKeg™ - like any great idea is simple. It is a lightweight beverage container manufactured in recyclable PET and designed for one-way use. A range of sizes is available and there are versions adapted for use on existing filling lines.


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