petainerKeg™ one-way kegs now available in South Africa!


petainerKeg™ one-way kegs offer significant cost and environmental benefits to customers and end users.

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petainerKeg ™ offers a significant breakthrough in the sales and marketing of volume beer, wine and other beverages. It opens up new channels and markets and provides a step change in environmental performance - as well as reducing costs and improving cash flow.

Although it is highly engineered, the concept of the petainerKeg ™ - like any great idea is simple. It is a lightweight beverage container manufactured in recyclable PET and designed for one-way use. A range of sizes is available and there are versions adapted for use on existing filling lines.

If required, standard petainerKegs can be supplied in an outer cardboard box to further improve the ease of handling and to provide opportunities for product branding. All petainerKegs are available with one-way, Micro Matic compatible low cost fittings, which allow them to be connected to existing tapping systems for draught beer.


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petainerKeg™ Range & Specifications

Standard petainerKegs are currently available in three sizes - 15, 20 and 30 liters (The 15L variant is not available in South Africa). The 20 and 30-liter kegs are also available in a version that is specifically designed for use on existing filling lines for metal kegs.

petainerKegs are designed for counter pressure filling.The volume of the filled keg will depend on the pressure used. All the kegs offer economic and environmental benefits when compared with metal kegs and other plastic variants. The benefits increase with the size of the keg - the larger the keg, the larger the savings.

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petainerKeg™ Benefits

One of the biggest benefits for users is the reduced storage space needed for PET kegs. Securely storing empty metal kegs to prevent them being stolen before they are collected is a problem in many outlets. Empty petainerKegs, once depressurized, can be easily crushed and then put into the recycling bin with other recyclable plastics containers.

Handling full PET kegs is easier than handling metal ones because of their much lower weight. A full 20-liter petainerKeg™ weighs only 21 kg, allowing it to be manually handled without breaching European Union regulations. This makes it quick and easy for bar staff to change kegs when new ones need to be brought into use.

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Reduce Capital Costs

The petainerKeg™ offers substantial financial benefits to breweries and other keg users - particularly when compared with metal kegs.

A switch to petainerKegs from metal kegs gives savings in both capital and operating costs. There are potentially large savings in capital employed by eliminating the need to maintain a ‘fleet’ of kegs.

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Reduce Operating Costs

The petainerKeg™ is not only the most cost-effective packaging on the market; it also has a number of other cost advantages.

Eliminating the return of used metal kegs eliminates the costs of cleaning them and putting them back into use. With petainerKegs, not only the container but also the spear and fittings are ‘one-way’ - there are absolutely zero return and cleaning costs.

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Reduced Environmental Impact

Research has proven that petainerKegs allow brewers and fillers to substantially reduce the environmental impact of their operations. petainer has built a strong reputation for improving the environmental footprint of PET packaging.

It was one of the first users of recycled resins and has done much to improve material efficiencies, with a high degree of competence in the design and development of lightweight containers. It continues to lead the industry with its continuing development of this fully recyclable family of lightweight one-way PET kegs.

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Market Development

The petainerKeg™ opens up a whole range of new and exciting market opportunities, helping to drive sales volumes at a much lower cost and with a lower environmental footprint than is possible with metal kegs.

Such opportunities include:

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