petainerKeg™ one-way kegs now available in South Africa!


petainerKeg™ one-way kegs offer significant cost and environmental benefits to customers and end users.

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Reduce Operating Costs

The petainerKeg™ is not only the most cost-effective packaging on the market; it also has a number of other cost advantages.

Eliminating the return of used metal kegs eliminates the costs of cleaning them and putting them back into use. With petainerKegs, not only the container but also the spear and fittings are ‘one-way’ - there are absolutely zero return and cleaning costs.

Substantial savings can also be made in logistics, not only by eliminating the costly return system necessary with metal kegs but also by cutting the cost of outbound delivery of filled kegs. PET petainerKegs are lighter than metal kegs, which carry the same volume of liquid. More kegs can therefore be fitted on each outbound vehicle.

Outbound logistics costs are typically 20-30 per cent per hectoliter lower using petainerKegs than using metal kegs.

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