petainerKeg™ one-way kegs now available in South Africa!


petainerKeg™ one-way kegs offer significant cost and environmental benefits to customers and end users.

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petainerKeg™ Benefits

One of the biggest benefits for users is the reduced storage space needed for PET kegs. Securely storing empty metal kegs to prevent them being stolen before they are collected is a problem in many outlets. Empty petainerKegs, once depressurized, can be easily crushed and then put into the recycling bin with other recyclable plastics containers.

Handling full PET kegs is easier than handling metal ones because of their much lower weight. A full 20-liter petainerKeg™ weighs only 21 kg, allowing it to be manually handled without breaching European Union regulations. This makes it quick and easy for bar staff to change kegs when new ones need to be brought into use.

If the kegs come in cardboard outer boxes or polypropylene casings, which make the kegs even easier to handle, these can also be sent for recycling.

Ease Of Use

The fittings and spears on petainerKegs are designed to allow bar, restaurant and club owners to use a petainerKeg™ in exactly the same way as they would use a metal keg. Without making any change to existing bar or cellar equipment they immediately gain all the petainerKeg™ benefits of lower weight, easier storage and recyclability. Adapters are available to enable petainerKegs to be used on existing racking systems if required.

Hygiene, taste and quality Having one-way fittings that have been manufactured under hygienic factory conditions means that keg users have fewer concerns about health and safety and less work to do in keeping fittings and equipment clean. All the components of the keg and fittings are approved for food use by the European Union and by the FDA in the USA. Problems from inorganic staining (beer stone) and flavor taints associated with poor washing techniques, aluminum kegs or simply an ageing metal keg population are eliminated.


There may be cost savings for users if their supplier normally charges a deposit on metal kegs. The cash tied up in this non-productive financing can be released for other purposes.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to all of the above, users have the benefit of knowing that they are contributing to improved environmental performance in the industry - a message which they can pass on to their increasingly environmentally-aware customers.

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