petainerKeg™ one-way kegs now available in South Africa!


petainerKeg™ one-way kegs offer significant cost and environmental benefits to customers and end users.

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Market Development

The petainerKeg™ opens up a whole range of new and exciting market opportunities, helping to drive sales volumes at a much lower cost and with a lower environmental footprint than is possible with metal kegs.

Such opportunities include:

  • Export markets
  • Sales to retail establishments where space is limited
  • New market introductions
  • Providing an opportunity for low cost entry into the beverage keg market
  • New segments such as low carbonated soft drinks, waters and wine

Greater Benefits

The larger the distance that metal kegs travel, the greater the benefits to be obtained by switching to PET petainerKegs. Direct costs of transport and losses of metal kegs generally increase the further that the kegs travel. Export markets are frequently difficult to deal with using traditional returnable metal kegs. Losses in some countries are reported to be as high as 50 per cent. Eliminating the need to secure the return of kegs can substantially reduce costs. This opens up opportunities for brewers to test and then break into new markets that may previously have been uneconomic.

Market Demand

A traditional metal keg fleet needs to be large enough to meet peak demand - typically during the summer months - but this means that for much of the year there are many more expensive kegs than are needed. petainerKegs are produced on demand, allowing peaks and troughs in production to be met cost-effectively without tying up capital in a fleet of unwanted containers.


The cardboard or polypropylene outer cartons of petainerKegs can be printed to users’ specifications, giving new opportunities for branding and publicity.

Product Quality

From the brewery to the beer glass in the hands of the consumer, petainerKegs deliver 100% taste and quality. petainerKegs use sophisticated ‘barrier technologies’ to keep their contents in the best possible condition.

The Polyester Plus scavenger and own blending incorporated in the petainerKeg™ restricts oxygen ingress and reduces CO2 losses by actively removing oxygen from the interior of the keg. The brown pigmentation in the plastic - plus a cardboard outer box if required - provides UV light protection. The petainerKeg™ material and all the fittings materials are approved for food use by the European Union and by the FDA in the USA.

All are produced under regulated hygienic conditions in ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified plants. As a complete one-way system petainerKegs can offer improved hygiene performance. Problems from inorganic staining (beer stone) and flavor taints associated with poor washing techniques, aluminum kegs or simply an ageing metal keg population are eliminated.

Extensive tests - reported in detail on the petainer website - and experience in use demonstrate that petainerKegs can store draught beer for at least nine months with no negative impact on the composition or taste of the product.

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